Our values

Unanime prides itself on a strong team spirit. All our agency staff share the same goals, the same values and have the same high standards of work.
People BuY People, our slogan and motto, accurately reflects our intentions to put people at the heart of our priorities. We are constantly seeking to develop trust and strong stakeholder quality relationships with our clients / brands, our passenger customers and our colleagues.

Our identity

What significantly differentiates us from our competitors is the presence of our two directors who work ‘hands-on, on the shop floor’ to:

  • ensure effective and efficient promotions,
  • facilitate the flow of information to all involved – clients, customers, staff,
  • understand the needs of, and to communicate with, the team and staff of Lagardaire Travel Retail.

Our success is ensured by our open and consultative management style which enables trusting relationships and reward based incentive policies.

A team

at your service

The Senior Management Team is both professional and dynamic.

  • André VU NGUYEN, Chairman
  • Adrien PONS, General manager
  • Dawn FOLEY, Project manager

Notre objectif

Support brands by developing their sales and their marketing strategy.

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